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“ONE WHO ADVERTISES HAS BUSINESS,” by John A. Wannamaker Phila. PA - Merchant

Paper and Digital calendars serve throughout the year offering convenience and accessibility to individuals and to groups of interest-
ed parties. Paper advertising display calendars developed the advantage of free messaging with a useful product in the 20th century
driving sales, promoting product recognition by adjacent visual positioning. Goodwill was the result of sales success with the first
step being the gifting to a prospect of a useful product to use all year. Digital scheduling with cellphone calendars developed in the
late 90’s has become the primary tool to keep track of tasks for coordination of planning sales contacts & follow-ups. Where has this
new balance placed the paper advertising calendar?

ROCKETLINE Calendars believe all calendars will always be a LOCAL and INDIVIDUAL document whether electronically main-
tained or traditionally “penciled-in” to a paper monthly wall, a yearly planner or a pocket notebook. Advertising display calendars
are given away by businesses as a consumer investment – whether prospects or customers- as a gift proved to have guaranteed year
round staying power. The promotional ad & value of the piece asks politely and constantly, the recipient to consider these products
or services during the viewed calendar year.

Business- To -Home paper calendars offer a constant visual organizer of reoccurring events such as religious observances, holidays,
moon phases and time changes as one looks over the month for planning personal events such as vacations, weddings, school events
& birthday celebrations.

Businesses- to - Business statistics from trade association surveys show as recent as 2016 that 78% of consumers use a paper calendar
at home. If employed 95% of these viewers have free access to a paper calendar at work for coordination or reference pertaining to
their job. Suppliers to business wish to remind their customers that they are nearby when needed and appreciate their chance to
contribute to the success of the workplace, again a polite –constant message of thoughtful reference.

Leverage sells, being up front and personal sells first. Digital calendar production methods featuring local images and product photos
in action have made custom paper advertising calendars cost effective. Cell phone images emailed to the factory are usually fine for
your printed reproduction and proofing by e-mail for your final OK is quickly done, often free with quick order OK.

INTERACTIVE- often overlooked, this is very important for family. Each person may pencil in an event and be notified about
changes by others in a short time. The kitchen calendar at home is where activities are organized to priority status. Each day the
family calendar is checked or a notice is given to another of the special day coming. It is a grateful family that has received a business
advertising calendar which keeps their plans going smoothly throughout the year.

John Wannamaker, the famous Philadelphia merchant knew the value of Goodwill advertising. The recall of consumers measures
70% today for ads seen a few times on TV. Yes--Consumers will recall an ad seen on a paper calendar and are favorably disposed to
do business with a locally known thoughtful business that reached out to them. Favorable impressions result in word of mouth referrals
to friends and neighbors. Beautiful colorful images of artistic or local scenes attract attention and remain impressive for some time for a
business sponsor. Adjacent advertising is looked upon by 40 % of viewers at least one time a day, 65% view at twice a day and 76% of
calendars and its advertising message is looked upon 3-9 times a day. These views are fantastic numbers when multiplied by the
number of viewed days per year yields thousands of impressions by family, employees and prospects - all consumers. Thus the
calendar cost is reduced to the cost per view or consumer impression to less than a .01 cent a day at years end. Nowhere else may a
business buy such coveted well-traveled wall space that keeps on working at less and less cost. Is this unique? No- NASCAR advertising
at auto race tracks display product logos and ads all around the tracks perimeter and onto moving race cars that are seen and filmed for
TV creating a constant ad message while having fun. Shopping out and viewing product and calendars is fun too.

Why not get the most attention you can politely and easily all year without ongoing service charges for access.

Our Queen Mary calendar 100 pieces retails $ 22.24 , one calendar seen 5 days per week x 50 weeks by new 10 people a day= 2500
views. Divide by cost $22.24 = cost /view of .009 cents or less than one cent. This assumes all new views only, add in repeat views and
the cost is -0- when GOODWILL and recognition that the calendar displayed for a year is considered by the sponsor.
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