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6 OR MORE LINES OF COPY add: $5.00 ea. (G) ADDITIONAL SPONSORS (four line) No Logo $15.00 (G)
Often local businesses share the expense of calendar production
(5 Lines of copy no charge) and distribution by dividing the overall advertising imprint area.
Keep in mind that as more sponsors are added the amount of ad
LOGO PREP/SCANNING $45.00 ea. (G) copy space per sponsor decreases.

1 digital logo included in free setup

CUSTOM CALENDARS DROP SHIP CHARGES $6.00 (G) One free with each order.

* Please provide the following information with e-mail art: SHIP TO ADDRESS CORRECTIONS (Net)
1) Distributor name 2) Color of imprint 3) P.O. number.
If incorrect or incomplete address or zip code is given a correction/
* Applications: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, redirection charge of $16.00 per box will be billed to the distributor
Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress is accepted for TEXT ONLY. as we are informed by carrier to cover our carriers’ cost.

* Photograph/image resolution should be 300 DPI or higher, at COPY CHANGE $15.00 (G)
actual size. Submitted files with lower resolution will only be
reproduced at the request of the customer, as quality will suffer. Often to take advantage of quantity prices parent companies will fea-
ture individual agents along with themselves, several agents buy
* Line art resolution should be 1200 DPI and saved as a bitmap tiff. together showing affiliation with their parent company. The parent
* Graphic files should be converted to either CMYK, GRAY company’s name must appear on all imprints to qualify for the copy
change charge.
SCALE or BITMAP mode. RGB and Index color mode files will
not reproduce with acceptable or accurate color. You will be PAPER PROOFS $15.00 (G)
billed for the conversion time and any color correction needed
when changing modes. Proofs (includes 1 correction set - our error)
* Files should be saved as EPS, TIFF, JPEG OR PDF (high resolution). (Bill additional art and proof charges if customer request
* All type fonts should be EMBEDDED and included with the artwork.
* Any pixel-dependent files, such as Photoshop images, that are new changes)
part of the logo must be embedded and not simply linked. Electronic proofs sent via email no charge.
CUSTOM Calendars - Provide us an email address and we can email
you a proof at NO CHARGE. Changes that are not our error are WHITE/KRAFT MAILING TUBES $.85 ea. (G)
$15.00 net per corrected proof. Hard copy full color mailed proofs are Polytube & PULLSTRING WRAPPERS $.57 ea. (G)
$15.00-$30.00 net depending on size.
Includes Insertion – All sizes
Email your questions: Upload artwork
& logos to our ftp site: ENVELOPES & POLYBAGS (G)

Extra graphic design is billed with your permission at $60.00/hr. Envelopes Non Stock 2014 Due to Mailing Weight
$30.00 minimum) net.
All Polybags Mailable $.55/each
Addressed Sticker And Mailed $560/1000 + postage
For printing copy on both sides of calendar pad, below pad, in or
above picture. Charge includes position setup and 3 lines of type MAILING LISTS (G)
per special position or QR Code.
Customer to supply all addresses in zip code sequence on perma-
nent pressure sensitive labels or ASCII Disk. Rocketline will affix
Minimum of 25 hangers or 50 wall appointment per change.
labels to our envelope or tube, seal, zone mail, tie attach cod-
Each picture change $15.00 (G)
ing, mail and supply verification of shipment by weight. Postage is

billed by (net) estimate and must be received in advance of mailing.

Settlement is made upon final invoice. $560 per 1000.
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